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How and Why You Should Host an Event

Miss PattyCake exists to share God’s BIG LOVE with little lives, and help parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers teach God’s Word through music, stories, scripture, and fun activities.

Miss PattyCake accomplishes her mission through biblically-based resources and live appearances, and assists in the Kingdom's work of spiritual formation, which is, laying a foundation for salvation and establishing a biblical worldview.  

Having a “Miss PattyCake Family Event” is an opportunity to:


  • encourage the children and families in your church/ministry!

  • have an evangelistic outreach within your community!

  • provide a time of FUN family praising and learning,

  • create a special event within your church!

  • celebrate VBS, missions-emphasis or other focused time!


You may be thinking, “We’ve never done an event for preschoolers. How can we do it How can we afford it?”


Since this is a family event designed to encourage parents and reach out to families with small children in your community, we suggest that you first seek to enlist the cooperation of other ministries within your church body:


  • Evangelism Ministry

  • Family Life Ministry

  • Seniors’ Sunday School Class

  • MOPS

  • Mother’s Day Out Group

  • Day Care


After more than 350 concerts/events, we have discovered several ways to increase attendance and can further assist when the budget may be tight:


  • Print and sell tickets for $5 (or more) per person with a (suggested) $25 cap per family. By purchasing a ticket, parents see the event as having value. A ticket commits them to go to the event, so overall attendance is increased. As you present this to your leadership, remember that a “secular” event, i.e. Sesame Street Live, Blues Clues Live, Disney on Ice, etc. costs up to $60 each. 


  • Partner with other churches in the area to help share costs – be sure to sell tickets! [One mother in Dothan, AL had a passion for Miss PattyCake and got permission from her church to hold the event there. She printed 1,000 tickets, asked nine other churches to commit to selling 100 tickets and there were 1,000 people there! All costs were covered and there was even money available for the church’s preschool budget!]


  • Approach several Christian daycare centers/preschools to partner with you – be sure to sell tickets!


  • Find a Christian businessman, father(s), or grandfather(s) to underwrite part/all of the costs – and be sure to sell tickets!

We are here to help you any way we can. For booking, please get in touch with SCOTT HUIE. Call 615-454-3635, or email him:

Miss PattyCake can be reached via email:

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