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A sign with this saying hangs on my wall. I LOVE PARTIES!
And we have so many reasons to celebrate!!


MPC BIRTHDAY PARTY ~ What a fun idea! When using MPC as your party theme, you can easily include songs that help teach your little ones that GOD MADE THEM - and we are celebrating the LIFE GOD MADE! So ... SING SONGS ABOUT GOD!


If you have a BIRTHDAY PARTY SURPRISE DVD, you can use any of those ideas for your party. Use BALLOONS, BLOWERS, HATS, STREAMERS & make your child’s day a BIG DEAL! (We are, after all, a Big Deal to God!)


  • CAKE or cupcakes ~ all sorts of ways to decorate ... use hearts and hands, &/or download a picture of MPC (under KIDS tab), have your child color it, and tape to a popsicle stick. Stick into cake! (photo on Pinterest). BTW ~ follow MPC on Pinterest for more ideas.  

  • GAMES ~ Pin the Heart on MPC ... or Pin the Hat on MPC ... or Pin the Clock Hands on Col. Tick Tock ... or Pin the hand on Mr. Stan the Handyman. 

  • ACTIVITY ~ Make Musical Instruments! 2 paper plates colored, inverted and stapled together, filled with dry beans. This makes a fun “shaker”. Make a drum or something else ... or have a few fun plastic instruments ... then, HAVE A PRAISE PARADE! (idea on DVD) March all children around the room and sing, shout, make a joyful noise to God!!

  • GIFTS ~ most likely there will be gifts ... I think it is good to remind children that God gives gifts to us (“Every good gift comes from God above ...” James 1:17), so it is fitting when we give to one another. 

  • FINALLY ~ GIVE A GIFT TO GOD! Because God has given LIFE AND BREATH to us, it is fitting we give a gift to HIM ... Ps 139:14 says, “I will give thanks to You and praise You because I am wonderfully and amazingly made.” Our gift to God is THANKS AND PRAISE!! SING, SHOUT, CLAP, JUMP, DANCE ~ God loves those gifts!



MPC PAJAMA PARTY ~ Girls & boys love to have “sleepover” parties ... even if they don't spend the night, they like to pretend. This is a good idea for parents' night ... get your kids to sleep and then watch a movie/play games with friends.


Have your little ones gather in pajamas and ...


  • SING thanks and praise songs celebrating GOD WHO MADE US, GOD WHO LOVES US.

  • PLAY A GAME ~ Copy Cat, Simon Says, I Spy, etc.

  • HAVE A SNACK ~ pizza, juice boxes, cupcakes, whatever ...

  • TELL A STORY ~ Use your imagination. I tell Bible stories from My First Message Bible. Then I like to sing a Bible story song.

  • BRUSH YOUR TEETH (or at least pretend to) 


  • SNUGGLE WITH A TEDDY BEAR ... or blanket ... or in a sleeping bag

  • PRAY and sing a lullaby ... or play the MPC lullaby CD ... shhhh ... time to sleep.



What a fabulous time for a party! And a party where you might invite children who rarely attend church, and tell the nativity story.

MPC has a DVD that can serve as a template for this party.

I highly recommend using the resource


a nativity set with book, CD and small figures

which help tell the story of Jesus’ birthday!
It is available on the MPC website or at

There are so many ideas for this party ~ and you are making memories for a lifetime! I still remember making cookies at a friend's house when I was 3-4 years old.


  • BAKE AND DECORATE COOKIES ~ Set up a table with cookie cutters, roll out dough for them, give each child a cutter,
    help them cut, you place cookie on sheet, give them sprinkles to decorate, and bake.

  • STORY ~ While cookies cool, take time to play the MPC dvd, or use your Bible and read Luke 2 as you walk through the story with them. Make it fun ... any way you want to tell the REAL story of Christmas.

  • SING ~ You can sing songs throughout the story like in the DVD, or choose to sing “ Birthday” to Jesus. Sing any Christmas carol they know, sing “Jesus Loves Me.”

  • EAT cookies ~ I usually let each child decorate 3 or 4 cookies each, eat one and take others home. have baggies or little boxes for cookies ... OR ... you may want to have a BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR JESUS rather than eating the cookies.

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