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Here's what a thankful family had to say about the 'Good Night World' Lullaby CD


"My husband and I wanted to personally thank you for the Miss Patty Cake Lullaby CD. It has literally saved us from insanity.
Our 2-year old (foster) daughter has been having a horrible time going and staying asleep. Due to past trauma, I think she is quite insecure, especially at night. Along with that, she has had suffered from multiple night terrors. We had been getting up 2-6 times every night with her. Then having to battle oversleeping in her own bed, not ours. I have spent countless night holding and rocking her in my chair.


She has loved all our videos of Miss Patty Cake so when I saw the lullaby CD I thought we should give it a try. My husband and I were shocked. We started the CD and laid her in bed. She held her beloved teddy bear, Snuggs, and never once got out of bed, didn't even cry once. This after usually crying for an hour or more when we put her in her bed and closed the door. 

Now, it has been over a week now and she is still sleeping through the night. I can't tell you how long it has been since we have been able to have uninterrupted sleep. We are still mystified that at bedtime all we have to do is say "Miss Patty Cake is coming, get in bed." and she literally runs into bed and doesn't make a move. After giving hugs and kisses we close the door and wait....we actually giggle every night when all is quiet and she falls asleep on her own.


All I can say is that it is a God thing and thank you for all that you do for our Preschoolers! You have blessed our family (and I am sure many more) beyond what words can say!

With Love, a very grateful family!"

I just LOVE meeting my friends, getting letters and pictures too!
Will you send me a picture of YOU?


"Miss PattyCake, you are a celebrity in our house!  My littlest, 15 months, always claps and says "pat-pat-pat" whenever she sees me putting any dvd into the machine.  We have all of your dvd's and all of my 4 kids adore you!"


                          - Michelle   

"Last Saturday was just amazing! So many little hearts were touched. One little girl came with her Grandmother. She did not want to come and wasn’t excited at all about coming to a church. By the middle of your show, she was up, dancing, and singing! She told her grandmother she loved it. How cool is that! THANK YOU for saying yes to the Lord, and laying your life down for His little ones. Also, thank you for being willing to share your gift with our church."
From Tammy
Peytonsville Baptist Church
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