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I just LOVE meeting my friends, getting letters and pictures too! Will you send me a picture of YOU?

"Miss PattyCake, you are a celebrity in our house!  My littlest, 15 months, always claps and says "pat-pat-pat" whenever she sees me putting any dvd into the machine.  We have all of your dvd's and all of my 4 kids adore you!"

- Michelle

"I wanted to tell you that my son who is almost 3 years old has never watched a movie before 2 weeks ago. I’ve tried everything… and he didn’t like any tv shows or movies.  He is completely obsessed with Mrs. Pattycake now… and it is all he wants to do!  Hearing him sing “Little Me” to himself while he’s playing is my favorite.  She has ministered to him so much!  He has special needs and doesn’t talk much, but he loves songs.  She lights up his life!  The smile on his face when she comes on is precious."

- Linda D.

"I would like to say a personal 'thank you' for your ministry to my family. My little girl has grown to love the word of God through your songs and videos. We were at your show this past Sunday in Mobile, Alabama. My husband and I both shed a few happy tears as we watched our almost-two-year-old daughter lift her hands and sing, "Little Me." Thank you for giving me a simple way to share the Gospel with her. What you do matters!"

- Myra

"Around our house, Miss PattyCake is the supreme celebrity.


My dear friend Carolynn introduced us to her... and we are in love. All of us. This sweet lady and her DVDs have helped me get many a meal finished or laundry load put away. The girls adore her and are spellbound pretty much any time she's on.  


A few months back, we were beyond thrilled to get to see our hero in concert with Mops and Pops. While we waited to meet Miss PattyCake, Pops sneakily shopped the merch table and snagged all three girls a Miss PattyCake t-shirt. The girls looooooove their shirts. Like, they ask to wear them the second they come out of the dryer. And honestly, they're usually asking me about it before I've even tackled their laundry for the week.


The other day, I noticed that Ruthie actually really loved her shirt, too! After lunch, she fished hers out of her laundry basket and brought it to me, signing, please. It was dirty.

I said no. I tossed it back in the basket... she brought it back to me... I tossed it back in the basket. And then, she brought me her sister's shirt. And then yesterday, Ruthie spies the shirt, folded, inside her laundry basket, and starts trying to pull it out through the holes. She was absolutely beside herself when I put it on over her outfit."

- Anonymous

"I happened to see your colorful video...purchased it...viewed it and we were hooked... Your DVDs are spiritual plus so many awesome tools for acquiring knowledge on many levels, the vivid colors used are dazzling and progressive...delightful and animated children, jam-packed with endless stories regarding everyday living and fun-filled activities leaving the audience anticipating the next video arrival.  Our four-year-old great-granddaughter "Ka" loves your videos/DVDs...she plays them repeatedly.


It's remarkable how you show praise to Jesus without reservation... the children feel it...truly a breath of fresh air. Blessings to you and yours for taking time out of your life to share with others."

- Mary

"Abby has no interest in children's programs (including Barney) except for Miss PattyCake! We usually have about 3 medical/clinical appointments per week (sometimes even more) with her and we also do home therapy every day.  At home we gear her up with braces and special shoes and strap her to a little step stool for 30-45 minutes in order to strengthen her legs and hip muscles... While she is on her step stool, we always have to let her watch Miss PattyCake and then she doesn't mind the therapy at all. We also take her DVD's to the clinical therapy appointments and she performs much better. For awhile she would just pucker up and cry as the therapist was working her so hard and she didn't understand what was going on. Now we just pop one of your DVD's in and she is a completely different child and will do anything we want as long as Miss PattyCake is singing to her. You have truly blessed our family more than you will ever EVER know and we want to thank you."

- Anonymous

Anna just turned two on February 25th and LOVES to watch your videos. She asks to watch and sing ALL the time. (I made her a dress similar to yours and she took a picture to put on her birthday cake. 


We had cute little heart shaped cookies, "Birthday Girl" stuff decorated with ladybugs and flowers, and ladybug tiaras, and we even decorated one of our doors with the alphabet to look like yours. We had our Miss Pattycake movies playing on the television and the computer throughout the house so everyone could sing along! We had such a great time!) Anna had a bilateral cleft lip and cleft palate when she was born and has had a long two years of surgeries, especially her first year of life. Your videos have been a great tool to help her to verbalize, as she will probably experience some speech problems due to the nasality caused from her cleft. She is clapping, singing, and doing motions throughout each day! If you are ever in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, please let us know. We would love to let Anna meet you. Thanks for letting us share some photos of our special day!


- Sheri Carr

"Our children are HUGE Miss Pattycake fans!!!  Thank you so much for being one of the very BEST tools we have ever found for teaching them Scripture, character traits, virtues and more!!"

- Gordon and Kimberly Rhodes

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