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Sponsor a Child with Miss PattyCake

Miss PattyCake is proud to partner with ChildFund International to change the world by changing the day to day lives of children in need in the Mukuru slums in Nairobi, Kenya. Mukuru Kwa Njenga is one of the largest slums in Nairobi. It stretches along the Nairobi Ngong river, situated on wastelands in the industrial area of the city.

According to ChildFund, "Worldwide, 570 million children are living in poverty. Parents too often lack the resources to give their children what they need. For too many families, access to health care is a luxury, and opportunities for education and employment are severely limited. ChildFund's programs address these issues so that children around the world can thrive at every stage of their lives."

Through ChildFund, Miss PattyCake is offering YOU the chance to provide children with access to these necessities to find their true potential:

  • Loving Caregivers

  • Clean Water

  • Health Care

  • Education

  • Nutrition

  • Opportunity & Protection

  • Sharing God's love and the Gospel of Jesus

Join Miss PattyCake in changing the world
one child at a time!


Miss PattyCake has partnered with ChildFund International to help parents l find a child to help, through sponsorship, in Kenya. Miss PattyCake believes that God's big love needs to be shared with EVERY little life. Child sponsorship offers the opportunity to show that love all around the world!


ChildFund International is a well-known child sponsorship program which was founded in 1938. It  serves children all around the world, providing them with safety, nutrition and education they need to live their best lives!


It's easy to sponsor a child! Just visit Miss PattyCake's page with ChildFund International, select one or more children, and simply add your credit card information to make automatic monthly payments! ChildFund will stay do the rest, and put you in touch personally with your child. Letter writing is encouraged.

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